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Local Programs

Programs in Tok Pisin, Papua New Guineas Official Language After English

Sunday Service

The AOG Cornestone Gateway Church with Rev. Anthony Dalaka brings us Powerful Live preacing from 11.00am - 12.30 noon every Sunday Morning.

Sunday Evening Service

The RMCN City of Glory Church - Vadavada brings to you the live preaching every Sunday Evenings from 7.00pm - 8.30pm. with Ps. Dr. Dian Warep

Belo-Taim Devotion

One of the Long time programs of Wantok Radio Light, Belo Taim Devotion with the Pastors of Evengelical Brotherhood Church come on from 11.30 - 11.45 am every weekdays Monday- Friday.

Story Bilong Mi with Sarah Kiap

Personal Testimonies of Christians who see the hand of God. The Program is edited and produced by Sarah Kiap our Tok Pisin Announcer.

Krai Blong ol Meri

This is a 15 minute Program in Tok Pisin. It is a dramatized program of women in distress and crisis and domestic violence. It come on Every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Kirapim Gutpela Sindaun

This is another 15 minute program by the Nazarene Radio Ninistry based in Kudjip. It is an ecouraging program also relayed in tokpisin. It is aired on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

More local contents;

Praying for the Nation

This is a very popular program since it came on air. It is very important to pray together embracing the Body of Christ in upholding our nation, leaders in the government and private sector and of course the needs surrounding us. Through this program we’ve seen changes and heard testimonies of what God is doing through 30 minutes prayer. -aired weekdays Mon-Friday at 7:30am.

Health Nuggets

Program focuses on different health issues and topics in partnership with volunteer doctors, Aired every Wednesdays at 9.30am weekly.

NBC News Relay

This is a weekly news relay by National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) of PNG which covers national and international news. We air only two bulletins at 6am and 7am, 12 midday and 6pm and 7pm from Mon-Fridays.

Choice Bilong Listener

This is a new request program strictly for letters only, where we are embracing every listener from all walks of life to be part of the show by writing in and requesting their favorite songs from different categories. This is to make them feel part of Wantok Radio Light. 1 hour program-aired at 5pm-6pm every Thursday afternoon


International Programs aired on Wantok Radio Light

Focus on the Family

This is a Program centered around family and its matters surrounding the subject. It is aired Daily from 6.00 am to 630 in the Morning and 8.00pm to 8.30pm in the evenings

Heritage & Hope

Heritage & Hope is headed by Reverend James Plank and comes on every Saturdays and Sundays.

Just Thinking & Let My People Think

This is one of the best loved programs that discuss issues of how to understand and engage different worldview and ties in with bible truths as well. Great teaching program for all ages. 15 minutes-aired at 7.15am & 9:45pm-Mon-Fridays.

Leading the Way

This is a new preaching program by Dr Michael Youssef. He is an Evangelical Minister and World Wide Bible Teacher, is committed to the authority of scripture and the fearless proclamation of the truth in these last days. This program runs for 30 minutes on Mondays at 5.30pm and Sundays at 9.30pm

Back to the Bible

This is a daily preaching program. It is a very solid preaching. 30 minutes-aired at 2am, 8am, & 6:30pm Mon-Friday.


This is a dramatized program that deals with life stories of men and women who have become Christians out of terrible lifestyles. 30 minutes-aired Wednesday 5:30pm, Saturday 10pm and Sunday 4:00pm

Redeeming the Time

This is a short program with stories and scriptures that focuses on been a good steward. This segment also helps to manage time, not only for daily routine of task but more importantly to spend time with our God. 2-3 minutes-aired Monday-Friday at 9am, 5:15pm & 10:45pm.

Reach Beyond

This a short program produced by HCJB Global. It has stories with spiritual applications that encourage a listener. 2 minutes-aired Mon-Friday at 5:30pm.

Keys for Kids

This is a short story that is done during our children’s time each day. It has a song and a Bible lesson that is short and the children can remember it easily. 3-5 minutes-aired only during “Your Story Our” program. Mon-Friday 3.15pm

Champions Arise

Men’s program aired on Saturdays for 15 minutes starts at 9.30pm. Champions Arise encourages men to stand up and be the men God called them to be and to run well the race of life. Find out more on the link provided below.

Women of Hope

This program is specifically made for the women. Men can listen also for learning, but its focus is to women. Covers a variety of topics. 30 minutes-aired at 3pm every Saturday.

Guidelines for Living

Short inspirational thought for 5 minutes daily by Dr Harold Sala

Program Automation Schedule

12.00 AM
Automation Starts

A Top of the Hour Bible Verse
followed by Songs & Inpirational Thoughts

12.30 AM
Focus On the Family

25-30 minutes duration
followed by songs and Inspirational thoughts

Back to the Bible

25-30 Minutes Duration
Followed by Songs & Inspirational Thoughts

5.45 AM
Morning Light Devotion

A Devotion with Ps Richard George
15 minutes Duration

6.00 AM
Announcer Clocks in

Announcer starts Continuation Broadcast

NBC NEWS Relay- Tok Pisin

12minutes Duration - News Relay from NBC Radio.

6.30 AM
Focus On the Family

Focus on the Family

7.00 AM

English News Relay from NBC Radio

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