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July 14, 2020

Wantok Radio Light Farewells Ps. Jack Kipoi.

Ps. Jack Started with the Radio Ministry Back in 2013. What the radio gets in terms of Souls saved and miracles happening is 90 percent of the time through Ps. Jack. He will be leaving a big gap to fill as he moves on this journey of faith.
The ministry will dearly miss your presence and we pray Gods Blessing on your life and your family included. - picture insert; L-R, Ps. Jack Kipoi and Ps. Wolphy Koipura during the Madang Share-a-thon launcing in 2014

Covid-19 updates

Keep yourself informed. We will be playing Corona Virus Spots from Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Refer to our Program Guide for play time. Keep praying and Build your faith, Jesus is coming.


We are now playing News From Isreal. Tune in 10 am & 6pm for news updates.

Radio Light Relay on Foursquare Radio in Wapenamanda 89.1 FM

Wantok Radio Light can be heard in Wapenamanda with the support of the Foursquare Radio. Their Frequency is set at 89.1 in Wapenamanda and Surrounding Vicinity.

Mobile App

The Wantok Radio Light Mobile app for apple and android can be downloaded on Webstore.

What makes a Good News!


Truth must be uphold at all times.


you must be friendly


Think of others


Be in their Shoes.


Thinking of Gods Word

______The RF & Engineering Updates______

Transfer of Shortwave Transmission facilities

Due to Vandalism in our old site in Nine 9 mile Port Moresby, we have now relocated to Mt. Hagen.


LaitHaus PNG is an affiliate of Wantok Radio Light. They Provide tower leasing services for telecommunication services. We are located at the far end of the Burns peak tower site.

New Songs & Album Updates

Any PNG Gospel Artist who wish to have your songs played on Radio can hand deliver your music for approval by the Program Director. We are located at Gerehu Stage 2. Sivari Road toward Baruni.

Mens Retreat Wewak ESP

The Mens folks of the PNG Bible Church in Papua New Guinea gathered by numbers in Wewak for the Annual Mens Retreat.
Many Souls were Saved and Great Stories as Reverend James Plank gave powerful Inspirational messages. 


For A Price, you can be able to play your ads on Radio.
This is a 10 - 30 seconds advertisment Service


For Jingles on Radio. Be a sponsor. From 30sec - 90 sec.this will be played before and after the sponsored Program.


We have a free toksave program for anything to do with church activities and general toksave for the public consumption. Note that only news that are appropriate by our radio guidlines will be aired.


Send in your prayer Request as often as you can. Believe that God hears our pray and Never go back to the old things you do once you are forgiven.

(675) 326 0946