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PNG Christian Broadcasting Network - Trading as Wantok Radio Light

01 Mission

& 02 Vision

To preach JESUS CHRIST to as many Papua New Guineans as possible; people of all walks of life in both the urban and remote communities of Papua New Guinea. And also, to saturate the airwaves of PNG with Christian programming to counter the work of the devil and demonic forces in the airspace of PNG.

To use electronic communications media to spread the gospel message of JESUS CHRIST to the nation of Papua New Guinea and internationally while at the same time addressing social issues affecting the nation in partnership with Christian Churches, mission organizations, NGOs and Government agencies.


Wantok Radio Light - History 

PNG Christian Broadcasting Network, trading as Wantok Radio Light was established in the year 2001. The PNG Telecommunications Authority (NICTA) approved and granted the trading Licence to PNG Bible Church to establish, own and operate the Christian radio network covering the whole nation and beyond. The license allows for the participation of other churches in the ministry. On January 14th 2002 at 2.00pm, Wantok Radio Light launched its first ever Christian Radio broadcast over the airwaves of Papua New Guinea.
Although PNG Bible Church is the legal owner of the Broadcasting Licence, the ministry’s operations is supported and financed by the listening public from all churches, denominations, business houses, government and non- government organisations.
The above and many other organisations and persons through the help of God have supported the work of WRL and it has operated successfully over the past seventeen (17) years. 


Also manifested in the preamble of the Constitution are the National Goals and
Directive Principles. Principle No.1 – Integral Human Development reads; 

“We declare our first goal to be for every person to be dynamically involved in the process of freeing himself or herself from every form of domination or oppression so that each man or woman will have the opportunity to develop as a whole person in relationship with others.”

“In pursuit of the above goal, the Christian Churches emphasis has been in setting man free from the bondage of sin and the clutches of the devil, to be redeemed totally spiritually, mentally and physically. Development of a whole person has been an integral part of any of the Church run programs. A person can be totally set free when he/she realizes the sinful state he/she is in and turn to God and find his/her purpose in life. Everything else changes for the better when a person is set free on the inside. Wantok radio Light as a Christian Radio ministry complements the work of the churches in contributing to spiritual development and progress of our nation.

Civil society and churches and ministry support
There was immense support and will continue to be this support from the Civic society, the individuals, churches, organizations and the Government and government agencies to partner and deliver our mission. We are walking toward a generation, rebuilding and mending broken lives, restoring marriages, saving souls, healing the sick and restoring wounded hearts. In our mission, this partnership adds value to forming the peace in the hearts of those who have a burning desire and are searching. With this partnership we are gearing our talents and resources to energize and motivate someone who feel lost and ignored, someone who resorts to a second thought of delaying suicide, someone who changes the course of direction and finds relieve. This partnership has a Divine calling and the rewards are beneficial to all.  


The Program Director heads this Section. It consists of Productions Staffs & Announcers who share tasks of producing and programing of audio in and out of the Automation system.


Headed by the Engineer. This Section is responsible for the Technical aspects of the Studio and RF (Radio Frequency). It is where the automation is transmitted to your handset radios and mobile phones.

Adminstration & IT & FINANCE

The General Manager Heads all the Department and is head of Administration & IT. Second in Command is the Finance & Admin Manager followed by the Business Development Manager followed by our Ministry Pastors and the General Support Staff.

LaitHaus PNG

Headed by the Tower Operation Manager, the Manager oversees operation on the Tower on Burnspeak. Tower Operations Assistant is next in Command followed by the Accounts which deals with the operation book keeping. 


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