List of Partners who support us

Be our Partner by listening, praying & sharing the love of God to others

It only takes a few to move the hand of God
No Matter what age race or status
God Needs Us

Thank you for your Support

We are Always Blessed by People who come and freely Give from their hearts to see the work of God Flourish.
Pictured here are friends of Radio Light during our Share-a-thon fundraising in october, 2019.

Sonset Solutions

Alan Good in Mt Hagen.
Alan and Sarah visited and helped us with the Shortwave installation in Mt. Hagen
The Couple are attached with Sonset Solutions in Elkart. USA
Pictured is Allan Good with the Microphone and Chairperson of Wantok Radio Light, Fred Tulia looking on.
Picture Courtesy of Sarah Good.

Sonset Solutions

Technology for Abundant life

Sonset Solutions provides us with Equipments and Technical Support. They are a vital partner in our existence and longevity.



The map on bougainville taken from Google Earth Shows Wakunai in the Center.
Wantok Radio Light is Set up At Buin in Arawa. Picture Courtesy of Google Earth.

Our partners

Other Partners who support us with our weekly and daily programs:

Major Partner

A Major Partner

New Life FM Founder & Owner Mr. Joe Emert & Wife During our Share-a-thon Fundraising in 2017

Papua New Guinea

Bible Church

Papua New Guinea Bible Church holds the lincense to Broadcast.

From A Dream To Reality

Find out more on what the PNG Bible Church is about.

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Childrens Program

Adventures in Odyssey

Produced by Focus on the Family
Comes on Every Weekdays from 4.30pm to 5pm.

(675) 326 0946