Our Partners (International)
Wantok Radio Light would not be in operation without the support of our national and international parnters.
We kindly acknowldge our partners for their support through prayers, financial gifts, radio programs, preachings, teachings, radio drama, electronic equipments and technical assistance.

The following is a list of all our international partners in random order;
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Joyce Meyer is a powerful motivational speaker of the word of God. She comes on Radio with her program Enjoying Everyday Life every weekdays from 11 to 11.30 am. For more information click on the link to the left to their website.
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Go to Ravi Zacharias Website
Dr. Ravi Zacharias is a world renowed defender of the Christian Faith. His Programs on radio are Just Thinking, a daily program that comes on every weekdays at 10am and runs for 15 minutes. We also play the Let My People think programs every Weekends from Saturday 4pm and replays at 10 pm and aslo on Sunday's. Visit their website to find out more.
Back to the Bible
Back to the Bible is a Bible Study program that comes on daily at 8am in the mornings and replays at 10.30 pm in the evenings during weekdays, The host is Dr. John Monroe and Co-host Tami Weisseit. Click on the logo to visit their website.
Focus on the Family
From Dr. James Dobson to now Mr. Jim Daly and co-hosts Mr. John Fuller and Dr. Juli Slattery, Focus on the Family is a very inspirational program that gets a hold on the holistic approach to families in sight of Gods Words. We also have their Childrens program Adventures in Odyssey and also the weekend megazine program that come on every weekends.
Fresh Touch (Major Partner)
Fresh Touch Ministries is our ongoing major international supporter in the Network Expansion to save the Lost. Fresh Touch program is now aired on Wantok Radio Light every weekdays from 6.30 to 7pm local time. Dr. and Pastor Randy Valimont of the First Assemblies of God Church in Griffin Georgia, USA. He is a straight forward no nonsense preacher who declares the truth of God. Click on the logo to visit their site.
Reach Beyond (HCJB - Major Partner)
Wantok Radio Light would not have been here without the technical expertise of such ministries as HCJB Global which is now Reach Beyond. Since Our Inception we have been getting counless support in terms of maintainance and support with HCJB Tech Center. To them we ought our greatest thanks. You can visit their site by clicking their Logo.
Pacific Garden Mission
Unshackled, a true life dramatized story is created by Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. we also play ther Free indeed program. Many Papua New Guineans a touched by this dramatized stories of life being set free. visit ther site to find out more.
Leading The Way
Dr. Michael Youssef is an Evengelical Minister. His program is played every Sundays and Mondays and 5.30 pm.
New Life FM (Major Partner)
New Life FM is one of our major international partners, Mr. Joe Emert the President, co-founded and have played important roles during the inception of Wantok Radio Light and are ongoing supporters in finance and technical expertise to date. Please visit their site to find out more...simply click on their logo to the left.
CBH Ministries (Childrens Bible Hour)
Childrens Bible Hour come on every weekdays 3.00pm to 3.30pm of which we play songs and have short story's for especially the kids.
Your Story Hour (with Uncle Dan & Aunt Carol)
Your Story Hour is yet another program dedicated to the Children, It comes on right at 3.30 pm and continues till 4.00pm. Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol are always to make the kids know about God through their dramatised stories. Do click on the Logo to your left to view their website.
SonSet Solutions(HCJB Technical Center - Major Partner)
Sonset Solutions is a major partner in technical expertise since the inception of Wantok Radio Light back in 2002, They were involved in the studio and network setup and have provided us with invaluable skills in studio and network maintenance. They provide the best studio and transmissions equipments and Mr. Allan Good and others come from time to time to help us with technical expertise. Please visit their site to know more about them.

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