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Thank you for your continued Support

We are still in operation as a Testimony of your Giving.

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Share-a-thon is a yearly fundraising drive to raise fund for the ministry.

Reaching you Right where you are with the Love of CHRIST.


Wantok Radio Light is Basically a Christian Radio Station
scroll down for a brief  history timeline:

Papua New Guinea is a country founded on Christian Principles and this is manifested in the preamble of our Constitution:
“We pledge ourselves to guard and pass on to those who come after us these Christian Principles. We also, as a people, commit ourselves to establish a sovereign nation Papua New Guinea under the guiding hand of God.”

Consistent with this, Christian Churches in PNG for years have always played an important role in the building of this wonderful nation of PNG and will continue to be the major player in partnership with the State in the delivery of essential services. Traditionally the churches have been leading in the areas of Health and Education. The government of PNG has been very supportive of the work of Churches and has continued to support and encourage where possible and we thank God for such leadership in Government. 

God hears our prayers when we call on him

We get Financial Support From Prayer partners, sponsers and those who support through our share-a-thon fundraising drive.


It was around 7.20 am this morning when I switched on to Wantok Radio Light Station, not even a clue on what the program was. There was a particualr lady (expatriate) being interviewed by a certain popular gentlemen who is a very familiar Radio Presenter. Mind I'm not a regular listener to this Godly station but I broke down crying softly in my car when I was hearing the Lady going through the ordeal she went throught while ministering to the orphans and sexually abused woman in Sudan - Africa. The severe Brutality, shame and ridicule these women have to go through everyday as expressed by the lady is just unimaginable I broke down when the lady confessed to have been raped by some muslim extremist whilst searching for a child...for nearly four years she never told her husband of the incident out of reasons only known to her. I have fallen from Grace backlided and this story just opened my stubborn mind and heart. regards.
Eddie Siavor - Port Moresby, PNG

Our Story in Brief

Stories Behind the Scenes to Where we are Today.

January 14th 2002

Radio Light Launches in Port Moresby

It was during this time that the Dream of Christian Radio was Realised.
The very first giving came all over PNG Bible Churches in PNG after we Got the Licence to Broadcast in PNG By NICTA previously known as PANGTEL.
We Started Broadcasting in a Rented Office Space in Heritage Centre Building Along Waigani Drive.
People came in Numbers to support the cause.
We had a very successful Share-a-thon Drive that year. Many Churches came in Numbers to support.


Radio Relocates to Monian Tower ground floor - Downtown Port Moresby

We Left Heritage Center and moved to a new Location in Town. The Ground Floor of Monian Tower.
People would come to support us in providing lunch for the staff members and announcers.
For the Two years, God was very Good to us.


Radio Secured Land in Gerehu Stage 2. Now the Home of Wantok Radio Light Studios

We moved Again, this Time we had a different approach. With the funding we got from the Christian Partners and Sponsers we decided to Buy a Land + property. That is how we transited to Gerehu Stage 2 along Sivari Road,  which is now the Home of Wantok Radio Light. We renovated the old Country Club Building (Moale Gabuna) To Christain Radio Campus.

31, November 2010

Wantok Radio Light Migrate to New Sattelite System & Discontinue EMTV SERVICE Contract

We Bought Sattelite & Hub uplink/ downlink from USA and Shiped to PNG. Erected it on 4th of November 2010 with the help of big team of diggers and two enginners from the US. By December 31st we were running on the Sattelite link.

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