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Wantok Radio Light Mourns the death of Late. Ps. Joe Piniau (April 12)
Late. Ps. Joe Piniau passed away on Sunday Morning 12 of April after a week long illness, He was an inspiration to PNG through his unique voice and personality on radio. We have been touch by his life as a Radio Announcer, pastor, father, husband and friend. Late Ps. Joe is survived by the wife Hubertine Piniau and only daughter Cindy Faith Piniau.
400 years old King James Version Bible comes to PNG (April 27)
More than five thousand people gathered at the Jacksons International Airport to Welcome the 400 year old King James Version Bible. The Bible was donated by an American Christian missionary and business man Late Dr. Gene Hood. The Bible will be travelling all around the Country and will finally rest again at the desingnated parliament location on 16 September 2015.
Work to Improve our website (May 13)
This is to inform our listeners that we are still working to improve our website. We apologise for any inconvience caused.

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