Our Priority is to win souls, that is why our programs exist and there is no better filling than to see souls coming to the saving Grace of God and Jesus. Amen.

Below you will find some testimonies of lives changed through the word of God.

Leilian Louise DeGothsman From Philipines was interviewed in our Studios as she Tells of A Miracle Story ( She's Living in Port Moresby)
Eddie Siavor(Port Moresby, PNG)
It was around 7.20 am this morning when I switched on to Wantok Radio Light Station, not even a clue on what the program was. There was a particualr lady (expatriate) being interviewed by a certain popular gentlemen who is a very familiar Radio Presenter. Mind I'm not a regular listener to this Godly station but I broke down crying softly in my car when I was hearing the Lady going through the ordeal she went throught while ministering to the orphans and sexually abused woman in Sudan - Africa. The severe Brutality, shame and ridicule these women have to go through everyday as expressed by the lady is just unimaginable I broke down when the lady confessed to have been raped by some muslim extremist whilst searching for a child...for nearly four years she never told her husband of the incident out of reasons only known to her. I have fallen from Grace backlided and this story just opened my stubborn mind and heart. regards.
Maria from Lae (Morobe Province, PNG)
I am always blessed by the preachings.

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