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Financing of WRL Operations

We thank God for His conviction upon the hearts of Christians listening and supporting Wantok Radio Light from all parts of Papua New Guinea and Overseas. We are glad to acknowledge all our supporters, programs sponsors, pledges, gift and Tithes and donations to keep us on air through each successive year.

Wantok Radio Light is non-commercial and is a Listener supported Radio Ministry. We value your immense support in many ways and special in cash and in kind for us to be on air 24 hours a day and deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the airwaves. We invite your continued support, partner us and share in the benefit of saving a soul.

Financial Support

You may pledge or make donations Payable to:

PNG Christian Broadcasting Network or Wantok Radio Light
Bank of South Pacific, Habour City, Port Moresby, NCD, Papua New Guinea
Account Number:1000908049
BSB Number: 088950

or PNG Christian Broadcasting Network  or Wantok Radio Light
Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (PNG) Limited
Douglas Street, Port Moresby, NCD, Papua New Guinea
Account Number: 11757718
BSB Number: 018900

Sponsor a Radio program

You are encouraged to partner and join our valued Program sponsors who choose to select Christian radio programs to be on the airwaves. Your partnership with the ministry empowers and conquers the airwaves with amazing Grace. You are invited to sponsor any one of our Christian radio programs.

Gifts and Kind

You are encouraged to partner with Wantok Radio Light in sharing a blessing. This may flow through to someone who may be touched. We offer this channel to partner with you and walk with Jesus through the airwaves to save a soul. You may send a gift or any in kind support to save a soul. 

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